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Blue Sky Montana Day

August 14th, 2010 by trishhatfield

This morning has dawned cool and clear. Fabulous blue skies with big puffy white clouds! We’ve had a lot of rain, recently so the grass is greener and the flowers are more stunning. The forecast is for warming temps., and back to our seasonal highs. That means daytime temps near 90 and the nights cool into the 50′s.. Perfect!

Mid-August in the Bitterroot Valley

August 12th, 2010 by trishhatfield

Amazingly the summer is flying by! How it can possibly be nearing mid-August is one of those mysteries of time. I find ‘time’ to be a fascinating subject, hence the Clock collection. LOL

Currently at the B&B work continues apace on the Cabin Bath project.. It is nearing completion.. HURRAY.. The weather has continued cooler with fabulous Thunder storms to wash the air. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the air smells after one of these rains! It seems to perk up the pine needles, perhaps by pummeling them with rain! The flowers take remarkably well to the heavy downpours, recovering magnificently, as well! Well, off to paint some walls!

Time After Time B&B, it’s August!

August 6th, 2010 by trishhatfield

It’s August in Montana!

Aug. 1st has dawned sunny and warm, here in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. We’ve been having a series of Thunder Storms this past week.. As keeping Ihe grounds watered is a big chore, I am grateful for any help from Mother Nature that I can get! LOL We have been blessed to date, with a mild summer.. Not TOO hot, so far. Low snowfall this past winter was alleviated by a cool wet, May and June. July warmed into the 90′s, so the the latest rain is welcomed. The marvelous thing about our summer Thunder Storms is that they seldom last long. Mostly gone within an hour. Leaving the flowers perky and happy. The rain is always magical. Plan a trip to Montana you will be pleased you did!