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Got Morels?

April 20th, 2012 by trishhatfield

Walking the paths of the Time After Time B&B property can be such a delight. Well, it’s ALWAYS a delight no matter the season! It’s just that when it gets to be Springtime, and nearing May, the Morels show up. Just 2 days ago, I returned from the MTBBA Convention in nearby Missoula. It occurred to me that I just might want to scour the paths through my woods to see what was happening. When the tiny flowers of the wild violets appear, THEN it’s time to hunt in earnest! As I mow these paths for a lovely walk amongst the Cottonwoods, Aspens and Pines it’s beneficial make sure they are clear of debris from any recent weather. It’s so lovely and peaceful, I always lament I don’t take more time to do it! sigh.. Still, I am rewarded with the soft green of Spring grasses, the budding of the native shrubs, the wild roses sending out new leaves AND Morels! There they were, all along a particular path, just waiting for me to spot them, before the critters who live upon the land! 50! I found 50 within 15 minutes! The idea of a steak dinner, with freshly sauteed Morels became a mouthwatering plan! I know of many who hunt Morels in the High Country. All I need to do is step outside My door and I am IN the woods. How cool is that???